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McMillan Empowerment Enterprise was created in May 2000, and founded by Tamara L. McMillan to be a conduit to shape and change the lives of women and girls around the world. The timing unfortunately was perfect, since poverty levels were on the rise nationally; teenage pregnancy was increasing, high school dropout rates were alarming; and the disparities in salaries between men and women was growing larger annually. In Western New York, there were 239 new HIV/AIDS diagnoses from 2000 and 2002 and 59% of those cases were female. In 2003, about 77% of the populations incarcerated in New York State were women and of those women more than half of them had children under the age of 18. Sympathetic to these staggering statistics M.E.E. would be her platform for empowering women who choose to be the victor. Now as a Certified Minority and Women Business Enterprise with the state of New York. McMillan Empowerment Enterprise (M.E.E.) exists to serve as an advocate for women and girls. We want to stand in the gap and clap for those brave enough to follow their dreams. It’s our belief that everyone has a story to tell. We create and support platforms of Excellence, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment! M.E.E. creatively and purposefully design safe spaces for our constituents to visualize a life of fulfillment and purpose. Our programs forges the gap between “I (we) can’t” to “In what ways might I (we)?" We assist our clients with their workshops, facilitation, training, coaching and speaking needs. Our commitment to a high standard of excellence is demonstrated through the countless hours dedicated to each objective, goal and solution. With fifteen years under our belt, we have fallen, grown, adjusted and become more astute to the ever changing challenges our clients face. We operate out of a think “win-win” mentality that embrace the notion that we ALL can win! The fabric of our collaborations are authentic and genuine; we enjoy supporting our clients as we believe what they believe!

About Me, the C.E.O.

Scarred by her own personal experiences with failure; growing up in poverty, in a single parent home headed by her mother, educational challenges and a divorced parent herself. Tamara thought her fate would be no different from the alarming realities that plagued her community. Ashamed of her circumstances, there was a time in her life where she would have never shared her story…ever! However, being transparent about her abusive relationships, lack of self-esteem and confidence would ultimately be her saving grace. Today, Tamara uses her platform to highlight her painful and emotionally draining trials and credits these failures as the reason she speaks. Besides, the love and admiration for her daughter wouldn’t allow her to stay silent! It wasn’t until she found herself supporting her daughter as she weighed the pros and cons about whether to accept a partial scholarship…or throw caution to the wind and take a risk. That she relived a significant time in her youth, where she needed her mother to take a risk on her! Through the experience of witnessing her 16 year old realize her academic and athletic goals of playing division I basketball…her purpose became crystal clear. Tamara realized that what most women and girls lacked was an advocate! Someone to support and encourage them no matter the outcome. Most importantly, yet critically, they yearn for someone to clap for them! It was then that she fully embraced that all of her stories of betrayal, hopelessness and failure were for the benefit of others like her daughter. As a result of this revelation, Tamara now travels the world sharing these once insignificant stories to empower those around her to follow their dreams…so she can clap for them! She holds a MS in Student Personnel Administration, and a BS in Political Science both from SUNY Buffalo State. In addition, Tamara is completing a graduate certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center of Studies in Creativity. Inspirational and passionate, she invites her constituents and students to become their authentic selves by “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.” As a disruptive change agent, she is always looking for unique ways to help her audiences view life from a different lens while challenging assumptions. Tamara was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Her greatness passion and inspiration is the role of mother to her daughter Jontay Deaira.


Meritus Award (2016); Instructor of the Year (2015); Phenomenal Woman Award (2014); POP Student Award (2014); Women Turning the World Upside Down Award (2014); Emerging Leaders Award (2013); Trailblazers Award (2013); and Esprit de Corps Award (2013).

Appearances as keynote, emcee, workshop facilitator, trainer or panelist

Soledad O'Brien's PowHERful Summit, LEAD365, NCCWSL, Steve Tasker Self-Leadership Experience camp, Iowa State University, North Carolina A&T, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Dress for Success Erie, Urban League, Workplace Options, Child and Family Services of Erie County, Department of Transportation-Rochester, TEDxBuffaloWomen, University of Buffalo, Howard Community College, Harford Community College and Bryant and Stratton.

Media Highlights

Ms. McMillan has been featured in local and regional media including: The Buffalo News, Erie Times and The Challenger. She was also a contributing writer for an online magazine that highlights, supports and empowers women. Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling has been named top 100 best career websites by Forbes magazine in 2013. Tamara offered guidance and suggestions under the Career column. Tamara was also featured on Blog Talk Radio

Personal Info




TEDx speaker known for her passion, energy and captivating personality, Tamara has presented to organizations, companies, agencies and educational institutions. She has served in the following capacities: emcee, keynote, panelist, moderator, workshop facilitator and trainer. Tamara has presented at local, regional and national conferences on topics surrounding Problem Solving, Creative Empowerment, Diversity, Networking, Effective Resume and Cover Letter writing, Student Development, Retention, Interviewing skills, Empowerment, Leadership and Resilience. She was a contributing blogger for an online magazine, where she contributed under the career section.


Award winning lecturer for the International Center for Studies in Creativity and University College, Tamara was the Associate Director of Leadership at SUNY Buffalo State. In her role she was a mentor, coordinator of an award winning enrichment mentoring program and advisor to student organizations. Tamara was instrumental in the recognition process for SUNY Buffalo State’s first student chapter of the NAACP. She is also qualified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, Emotional Intelligence and an advanced trainer for FourSight.


Do you need options? Are you looking for ways to overcome your unique challenges? Do you have the motivation, freedom and authority surrounding these unsolved issues? Are you searching for a new way of thinking to help you get unstuck? McMillan Empowerment Enterprise offers the unique opportunity to not only have a coach, but an in-depth Creative Problem Solving session to assist with generating ideas to address challenges you and your teams are experiencing.


She Inspires MEE

In celebration of women, and not just during Women’s History month, MEE is running a campaign to pay homage to all the brilliant women in world who have Encouraged, Educated and Empowered! MEE is pleased to offer ALL women the opportunity to share their stories of Love, Admiration and Support of their Sister-Friends, students, mentors, historical figures and someone who has inspired them from afar. It’s very simple, send us a picture of you and the woman/girl who inspires you to us via email. Then, in ten words or less tell how you have been inspired by her. Will it be your BFF, Godmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter or someone in history? It really doesn’t matter who…but what does matter is you’ll have the opportunity to share with the world how great she is and what an inspiration she’s been to you! There will be weekly post and each weekly winner will be selected based on content.

Empower MEE Brunch

Much like the infamous “power breakfast” at the Loews Regency hotel on Park Avenue in New York City. MEE has taken this high power, high energy and high stakes ritual and made it applicable for today’s progressive, thought-provoking and enterprising woman. The “brunch” is a simple yet elegant atmosphere for women to chase their dreams, find a way out of no way and receive practical information that supports their development. The soiree is limited to a maximum of 30 women. Affording all the intimacy, privacy and discretion to begin planning their next steps for professional and personal gains. Taking a page from what some of the most “powerful” individual do while at the breakfast, each participant will receive an article from a notable newspaper or magazine that connects with the set topic. The topic dialogue will have a specialist on hand to lead the discussion. We’re wanting this space to become the place where women come to get their “power” on! There will always be a networking portion to the event. Not just the regular networking where there are games or guests being invited to introduce themselves to two people they don’t know. This platform will be an opportunity for the women to ask for advice, get feedback on a business idea, and or ask for a direct connect to someone they would like to meet.

Cupcakes & Conversations

A customized speaker led and uniquely designed conversation that infuses specific topics, exhibits, and knowledge into the fabric of the dialogue. These forums will extend awareness, learning and offer a different paradigm. This raw discussion format allows M.E.E. to underscore and champion our core beliefs concerning the progress of women, students and society and how we can engage in different subjects while developing a stronger and more vibrant community. Moreover, Cupcakes and Conversation is socially and culturally crafted to foster and ignite open and honest dialogue. M.E.E. is proud to service a diverse female demographic where each individual is encouraged to connect, collaborate and celebrate their own authenticity and that of a broader socio-economic interests.  


The participants will have the opportunity to engage in a larger network of diverse women who may serve as a catalyst for positive change, camaraderie and an appreciation for human qualities via art, song, poetry and dialogue.

Past Discussion Topics:

How Mass Incarceration Imprisons our Communities | Are you your…Hair? | It’s our CommUNITY | Unsession | For Colors Girls when the Rainbow wasn’t enough

Cupcakes and Conversation: The College Ceries

In the spring of 2015, M.E.E. had the unique pleasure of relaunching Cupcakes and Conversation at the collegiate level. In April, we descended upon the historical campus of North Carolina A&T. One of the Countries best known and top HBCU’s in the field of engineering. There we hosted close to 80 college aged women and invited them to be their most vulnerable selves. We tackled common issues they face in their pursuits of fulfillment, understanding, excellence and education. Taking the conversation to another level of intimacy, each person was placed in an assigned group. Allowing for a more direct and impactful experience at the micro level. Then ending as an entity to tie everything together and possibly bridging some gaps in a way that’s refreshing and offers freedom for further self-exploration.


1.09.18 | 9am EST

Book Launch- Liberation Now! 5 Steps to Realizing your Dreams

2.8.18 | 12-4pm EST

Women's Empowerment Workshop and Keynote- Columbia, Maryland

2.14.18 | 12-3:30pm PST

Female is the Future- Lynwood, WA

2.15.18 | 12-4:00pm PST

Maintaining Integrity during Transitional Times- Auburn, WA

3.9-11.18 | 9:30-4pm EST

International Global Student Summit - Houston, TX

3.19.18 | 12:30pm EST

DAB for Success- Medaille College

4.13-15.18 | 8am-12pm EST

CSTEP Annual Leadership Conference- The Sagamore

4.27.18 | 8am-12:30pm EST

Professional Development Center Managerial Training- SUNY Buffalo State

4.30.18 | 6-7pm EST

TRiO Closing Ceremony- Medaille College

8.14.18 | 12-6pm EST

“The Power of sharing your Story- UB Amherst, New York

9.6.18 | 10-2pm PST

CUSP Annual Student Leadership Conference- Pasco, Washington

9.24.18 | 10am EST

"The Power of You"- Medaille College Buffalo, New York

11.1-3.18 | 9am-5pm EST

LEAD365- Orlando, FL



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Women That Empower MEE


Angela Burgin-Logan

After surviving a near death experience while pregnant with her daughter. Angela’s story was turn into a Life Time Movie that brought national attention to the dangers of preeclampsia. ladiesliveandlearn.com

Karen Doniere

Forgiveness is a subject most people aren’t willing to invite into their living rooms. Karen has created a safe environment for women to forgive and build their blue prints for success. karendoniere.com

Jennifer Harris

Own the Room powerhouse, Jennifer can be found dressing some of who’s who in the Western New York and Atlanta area. She will take you from drab to fab in minutes and on a budget...literally! contact her: owntheroom1@gmail.com

Kadejah Henderson

There’s no other young, inspiring and impactful entrepreneur than Kade. She can be found on many sets styling for top designers in NYC or strutting the runway in pageants across the state of New York.kadesmode.com

Ebony Johnson

Seeing a need to take networking to the next level, Ebony started Meet and Connect Inc., as a platform to assist entrepreneurs with building more productive networks. twitter.com @letusconnectyou

Christine Mathieu

That Money Girl...the one coach every woman needs! Christine is a true professional who helps women better understand their relationship with money and how it’s directly connected to financial freedom. thatmoneygirl.com

Sherry Williams

Innovator and catalyst for women’s change and solidarity. Sherry created “This is her Way” as a vehicle to bring like-minded women together to forge new experiences between strangers that’s authentic. thisisherway.com

Cecily Rodriguez

After receiving her pink slip as an HR Specialist, Shift Happens, LLC was created to educate companies and individuals on embracing the shift and uncovering meaningful ways to welcome change. shifthappensllc.com

Marney Reid

Medtronic trainer and founder of Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling, an online magazine named top 100 best career websites by Forbes. Marney is always looking for innovative ways to connect women. stilettosontheglassceiling.com

Sources of Empowerment




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