Independence Day

Hello Fam,

I hope you are well rested after the long weekend. A weekend where many Americans celebrated Independence Day. The events began as early as Friday night after work, happy hour seemed a bit happier. The stores were packed with families filling their shopping carts with everything from chips and dip, meats to marinate and of course we can’t forget the spirits.

As all appears to be fine on the surface. Our world is riddle with turmoil in every corner and no one has gone unscathed. I can’t help but be consumed with the upcoming Presidential race as we await for the official announcements at both conventions this month. Where are we going and who will be responsible for getting us ALL there?

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Jesse Williams. An actor on Grey’s Anatomy, but most importantly he’s an Humanitarian. During his acceptance speech at the BET awards, we spoke eloquently about the grave injustices that still permeate our inner cities. He spoke of how his parents taught him the importance of comprehension over career. It’s clear that Jesse isn’t afraid of anyone or speaking his truth, our truth…the truth!

However, how is it that his complete speech can’t be found on Youtube any longer? When we can find all of Donald Trump’s ridiculousness everywhere. Just turn on the TV, radio, open up a newspaper or a browser on your computer. His unrealistic points of view, degrading comments and blatant use of anti-Semitic images in his campaigning are front and center. Many say they are opposed to his foolishness and buffoonery. Unfortunately, nothing additional has taken place to address his racist rants.

For this reason and many more, I’m not completely convinced I’m living in the land of the free, as it always seems to be conditional for those that have melanin in their skin! However, I do recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by the many people who lost blood, limbs, families, lives and their minds to provide a blanket of freedom we all sleep under most nights.

These cold realities, war, poverty and capitalism are my reminders that this patriarchal country was built on exaggerated renditions of their so-called truth!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice…

Freedom is not Free


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