Don’t cry for MEE

As I welcomed yet another ending to an academic year. I decided to go out with a bang. For the last class on Thursday, May 5th I invited my scholars to facilitate the session. As the best way to determine and assess the job I had done is to allow them to strut their academic prowess.
The class started off a bit bifurcated as they had to complete a semester end evaluation on MEE and the class. Remember, if it’s not worth assessing, it’s not worth doing. Then to make matters even more odd, students were coming in late. It was like a weird mix of confusion laced with annoyance. So, as I brought the class back together, three of my late scholars walked in with flowers, a cookie cake, a gift bag and snacks to share.
I was convinced they were trying to make MEE cry. As they have been on this journey of knowing this semester would be my last as an adjunct for the ICSC department. It was heart wrenching for all of us, including those students who wanted to experience CRS 201 with myself. As they have heard from their peers how much they love this class. How they will be forever grateful for the awakening.
Many of the students including those from my first class and those who heard good things asked…what can we do? How can we help with getting you back into the classroom? Two students even suggested starting a petition. Touched in many ways that are indescribable. I told them their time would be best spent focusing on their exams.
Their passion and concern has played interference allowing MEE the space to end the semester strong. I’ve cried silently in my office, at home in the shower and wiped tears from my cheek many nights. As I forced myself to accept this new reality. I had to talk myself off of the ledge. I even considered teaching for free, just because I know it’s a part of my “why.” However, my sister Tonya, would hear nothing of it. She asked MEE, why would you teach for free? She’s one of my biggest fans. My dear love believes I can do anything. And for this…I love her with all that I am!
So, don’t cry for MEE, as I have cried enough. Instead pray that I continue moving toward what’s for MEE. Hold MEE up as I charter a journey that will be complicated, and arduous. Ask for favor as I walk alone to emancipate myself from the bondage that held me paralyzed for years. Don’t cry for MEE as I have suffered long enough. I’m going to embrace the struggle and be MEE!
If you too are finished crying and ready to fly to the highest mountain. Print this blog and put it where you can see it at least twice a day. Then send it to someone who has just walked into their purpose.

Have a dynamic day.

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  1. Pamela M - December 22, 2016 at 12:07 am Reply

    May Lord Continue pour blessings upon you To Continue Your Journey. #MovementsThatRTrueReal Bring Everlasting Change For You Are Destined For Greatness For You Are Truly Amazing!!

    • Admin - January 16, 2017 at 11:14 pm Reply


      Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement, love and faith. I pray this finds you and your family well. I wish for you a 2017 that exceeds all of your expectations.

      Thanks for your time and have an elegant evening.


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