Hello Beautiful!

Hello Dreamer,

How many times have you laid awake in bed unable to stop thinking about a dream that won’t leave you? It’s a reoccurring dream of you doing that one thing that leaves you electrified. While at work, you spend hours’ day-dreaming about it. Your smile widens and your heart is filled with joy. However, your conscious mind rationalizes a million reasons why it would be too risky to start that business, write a book, or become a speaker.

Many of us never step out on faith to follow our dreams, because of one very powerful word…FAILURE. Failure has held too many of us hostage and for too long. The infamous speaking giant, Zig Ziglar said failure is an event, not a person. Think of all the successful people you know, whether personally or otherwise. I invite each and every one of you to find one successful person that hasn’t Failed at least once. Right! So, what would make us think we would be exempt from this necessary process.

Step #3 in our LEAD Today series is Failure is not Final or Fatal.

Here are Five ways in which Resilience Experts use Failure to Succeed:

1. Understand you aren’t and will never be your Failures.
2. Failures are lessons of opportunities, when we’re open to learning from them.
3. Free yourself and others of the stigma associated with failing by sharing your mis-steps.
4. Create a tribe to assist you in areas outside of your brilliance.
5. Make peace with the circumstances by being grateful and move forward…period!

Successful people don’t allow failure to paralyze them. They innately understand their dreams are worth following and nothing is more important than fulfilling their calling in life.
Remember, there’s only one thing worse than failing and that’s quitting!

Prepare to follow your dreams. Have an elegant evening.


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