10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Business


1. I wish I had known being a single mother, divorcee and an entrepreneur would overshadow my dating life. As it was already difficult enough navigating the space of being responsible for another life. Then trying to date and explain why I was comfortable with not having dating/marriage as the top priority.

2. I wish I knew and understood the notion of “Collaboration is the new competition.” This perspective would have welcomed playing well with others and stopped me from waiting to get picked. I used to think it was incumbent for those around to recognize the work I was doing and bring me to the table. If I had possessed an abundant mindset leveraging my credentials would have come effortlessly.


3. I wish I knew the difference between a tax preparer and a CPA. The knowledge and information a tax preparer has verses a certified public accountant is vastly unalike. A CPA is privy to certain laws, tax breaks and highlights why having a DBA versus a LLC or S-Corp is more beneficial financially. Some CPA’s are aware of services offered through the Small Business Administration as well.

4. I wish I had better clarity on how impactful my business ventures would be and the many ways in which I could offer empowerment to my constituents. I would say in the beginning I suffered from short sightedness and didn’t defer judgement.

5. I wish I knew to embrace the brevity of trusting my process as its own unique entity. At times, I compared my process and growth to those that were doing similar things. This had me rethinking and unfortunately second guessing my path.

6. I wish I knew how to balance being honest rather than nice, especially as a business woman. All too often women get a bad rap for being too warm and fuzzy. We’re at times afraid to offend others for fear of them speaking and or thinking negatively about us. So, we overcompensate to avoid being called mean and unapproachable. Crucial conversations are tethered to all forms of business and it doesn’t discriminate based on gender.

7. I really wish I knew the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. Both are valuable resources but play significantly different roles. Mentors suggest ways to approach business, they offer good books to read and take you to a few networking functions or lunch. Now, a sponsor on the other hand, is that person that not only shows you where the door is, they grant you access inside. They play interference for you to stretch out and test the waters.


8. I wish I knew the power of my own spiritual journey. Often times I’m asked “how did you do it, what’s your elixir or what worked for you?” If I had the foresight to decipher my plight, I would have captured my experiences instead of minimizing them. I was so consumed with getting through it; I never considered growth was possible. Therefore, I missed a lot of great content!

9. I wish I knew the protection of my mind, body and soul would be just as important as protecting our environment. Being cognizant of what I put inside my body goes hand in hand with the way I treat Mother-earth.

10. I wish I knew how powerful the universe is and how it’s always in proper alignment. The universe is a source of great energy that grants us what we ask for, as long as we’re active participants in our own success.


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