Are you Ready to be seen,
supported, and loved?

Are you Ready to be seen, supported, and loved?

Our Tribe is an inclusive environment that is exclusive. We are the ONLY women-based community that marries problem-solving, Failure Fanatism, and collaboration as we invite you to be your bold-ass self. Diverse, we are, as we evolve strategically and creatively so ALL women can Be Bold. But on their terms, because the only place for cookie cutters is in the kitchen, darling.

Our disruptive coaching programs and community are universal, timeless, and objective and can apply to any aspect of your life. Providing you with the tools to be super-Bold. Yet, despite our diversity, every Woman in the Tribe has one goal in common. We all want to Be Bold together!

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The be Bold Cohort

What to expect

Are you looking for a safe place to lay your burdens down without feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment?  Need a haven to figure out your Next? Or do you desire to be a part of a group of women who will celebrate you?  Well, Tribe Bold together might be just what you are looking for.  As our tribe connects like-minded women for the benefit of building authentic and sustaining relationships. So, we can as women help one another navigate what’s next in our lives either personally or professionally.  Our tribe is unique as we value the beauty of your dreams while helping you leverage your failures.  Are you an abundant thinker?  Are you actively moving forward in life but need support with getting clear, or making your ideas better? If this is You, you might be ready to navigate what’s next. As our tribe will highlight, celebrate, and love on you as you try on your Boldness.

Live Boldly

Do you want to own your dreams, leave the struggle, and hurt behind, and receive support as you navigate what’s next in your life, so you can do a thing called what you want? Then you are in the right place.

We’re here to help you navigate what’s next in your life so you can do a thing called what you want. And we’re not talking about a little shine, either. Naw, we’re talking about a serious Boss-Up!

We’re here to help you navigate what’s next in your life so you can do a thing called what you want.

And we’re not talking about a little shine, either

Naw, we’re talking about a serious Boss-Up

And we’re not talking about a little shine, either

Naw, we’re talking about a serious Boss-Up

Sis… we’re talking about:

Only boldness to create a legacy for your family and friends.

Only boldness to live out your Dreams.

We Have One Mission:

To Help You Live Boldly.

It’s said that Females are the Future. And we agree 100%. But if we’re going to be the present, women MUST be Bold together. And it starts here with you…Now!

Others will use your failures against you. They will ask you to turn your light off. They will remind you how different you are.

We, on the other hand, will show you how to leverage your failures as we illuminate your brilliance.  We will hold you up when your back is against the wall.

If you’ve bought into the societal messages that women don’t get along, and are mean, back-stabbers.  Or the idea that women are better off just supporting their spouses without question, being the best employees in the infamous boys’ club, and giving their children everything, even when they don’t deserve it.  All while holding on to your goals and dreams, secretly wondering if there’s another way other than competing with women for the so-called coveted “one seat.”

If you listen to those who believe that your success and happiness are connected to your relationships with other men.  Well, there’s another version to this story that many aren’t telling you.  Although men are important and supportive at times.  They aren’t the only ones handing out promotions, providing opportunities for advancement, and playing interference for their wives and women in general.    

Don’t believe it?  There’s new research from the Harvard Business Review that found that while both men and women benefit from having a network of well-connected peers across different groups, women who also have an inner circle of close female contacts are more likely to land executive positions with greater authority and higher pay.  

Or have you been advised that you shouldn’t trust other women with your career goals, aspirations or when you need a pick-me-up boost or advice?  

Ever heard of the Shine Theory?  It’s the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all rise.  It’s all about building one another up on all levels.  If you see your co-worker doing a fantastic job, give her credit, celebrate her accomplishments, or inform your manager at a team meeting. When you hear of a great job opportunity share it with other women who might be an ideal fit.

It’s clear to us that the strategy of competition among women doesn’t work, not to mention it’s flawed.  The truth is that supporting, holding one another up, collaborating, and loving each other without shaming or judgment is powerful.  This is how we shatter old paradigms, change the equation, and make equity a reality.

That’s why we don’t teach or preach conformity, complacency, or competition.  

We empower you with the tools to navigate what’s next in your life, so you can do a thing called what you want-by living Boldly.

So, would you rather live a life of boredom, excuses followed by what-ifs, and feelings of inadequacy because you’re constantly comparing yourself to the next woman, or would you rather reignite your dreams and start living boldly…now?

Yup, that’s what we thought.

If you follow our Failure Fanaticism™ framework, you will spend less time entertaining negative narratives or listening to the nay-sayers and believing you must compete with other women to live the life you deserve.

Join the Tribe and increase your confidence, strength, and courage within the next 30-60 days (or less).

We provide you with tools galore:  Coaching, Education, Systems, Problem-Solving Strategies, a Brilliant, Brave, Diverse, and Inclusive community that will Champion your dreams, hold you up, and play Interference as you navigate what’s next in your life.

The Tribe is here for YOU
It’s Time to be Bold

The Tribe is here for YOU It’s Time to be Bold

Yes, you can be Bold too, beautiful.

You’re probably thinking it’s too late for you to be bold in life, your career, or personally.  You might be saying “this is something for someone who is younger, has the time and resources, or those that are free-thinkers and have support from family and friends.

Well, some of your thoughts are true to an extent. As our society does favor the rich, affluent, pretty, skinny, well-educated, and non-minorities.

But there is great news!  The pendulum is swinging in the direction of a diverse and more inclusive society, one where women are building wealth, starting businesses at record numbers, and collaborating with one another like never before.

At EmpowerMEE, we know this personally.  That’s why we’re dedicated to helping more women navigate what’s next in their lives so they can start living Boldly.

The Problem

We live in a society where women are taught to put their needs last.  Women are sent messages that being pretty is more important than intelligence.  We’re encouraged to be adversaries and not allies to other women. We throw one another under the bus for that chance at the winner’s circle.

Women suffer in silence

Women often don’t share private struggles or ask for help

Women are perceived as catty and spiteful

Women are taught to compete with other women

Women believe that trusting other women is costly

Women hide their pain and trauma

Women judge one another more harshly than they do men

Women relinquish their power to men

Not having the right messages, support, or outlets leave many women feeling overwhelmed, lonely, depressed, consumed with negative thoughts, and believing that success and happiness can only come by way of backbiting, undermining,  minimizing their abilities, and competing with other women or not at all.

This mindset is false and extremely damaging.

At EmpowerMEE, we are determined to debunk these falsehoods.

The Solution

It’s time for all women to be bold together.

When women support each other, amazing things can be accomplished.  When a woman helps another woman, they both benefit and so do our communities.  When women are in positions of leadership, they are more engaged and active champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women are better advocates for other women and people in general than men.  

It’s time for all women to reimage how women can promote and celebrate one another.

It’s time for women to begin making themselves and the building of relationships with other women a priority.  Women must find time to nurture their inner circle of female contacts.

It’s important for women to find a safe place where they can be authentic, unapologetic, and seen.  It’s time for all women to find their tribe and tap into them for encouragement, advice, personal and professional development, and unconditional love.

When women come together, we can do more, go further, and leave this world better than we found it.  Let’s Be Bold Together!

Join The Movement

At EmpowerMEE, we want more women supporting, advocating, and standing in the gap for one another, so we can ALL be bold together.

We want YOU to represent your boldest self to the world.

No matter your educational background, failures, missteps, socio-economic status, you can live a life that’s bold. You deserve the right to do a thing called what you want. And since Females are the Future. You need to be your Brave-Bold Self.

That’s why we started The Tribe.

We provide creative coaching that helps you see the world differently, change the way you view failure, with an empowering community, and strategic tools, so you can:

Start living boldly

Leverage your life experiences

Shift into an abundant mindset

Start saying “No”

Stop apologizing for being YOU

Move towards your goals and dreams

Experience what it feels like to collaborate with other Bold women who want you to succeed and have your back truly

Create a legacy worth mentioning for your family and friends

Embrace your truth

How could an increase in confidence, strength, courage, and support change your life?

The Tribe was created and designed in such a way, that by being a member your confidence, strength, and courage will increase within 30-60 days (if not sooner).

Why you need this Community

Statistically speaking, your success in life depends on who is on your team, who has your back, and the everyday conversations taking place among you.

Did you know that research indicates that the people you associate with determine 

95% of your success or failure in life?

In translation, if the people you’re holding space with believe in conformity, have a scarce mindset, and believe competition is the way, it’s likely that you don’t have the kind of Tribe that will champion your dreams or encourage you during times of despair.

Having the right community is invaluable and an essential part of living boldly, so you can do a thing called what you want.  Become a member of our Tribe and BOLD will be your new mantra.

Different from other communities just for women, where favoritism, cliques, and jealousy are rampant, we don’t hate on your light or brilliance.

We don’t believe in pitting women against one another or subscribe to tokenism.  We show you love the moment you join.  We show you how to leverage your story and life experiences, so you can begin following your dreams or making boss moves.

Whether you’re new to the concept of win-win with other women or have had some terrible encounters that left you feeling abandoned, and scorned, swearing off all-female relationships. This Tribe will show you genuine compassion and understanding and will offer you support without judgment, criticism, or telling all of your business. 

We share strategies for navigating what’s next in your life.  Is it relocation, a promotion, a new business venture, a non-traditional relationship, or health issues? Frankly, it doesn’t matter because we are here to support you on the journey.  The Tribe will show you how to trust again, as you move past negative narratives, believing nay-sayers and eliminating the false notion that it’s too late for you to live a bold life.

“But I don’t do well in an all-female environment. I’m shy. I’m a loner, and besides, I’ve had too many bad experiences dealing with women. I’ve always been available for my female friends and when I needed support no one was ever there for me.”

First off, Sis, we hear you loud and clear.  As many of us have had trying and toxic encounters with other women too.  But we have also had similar ones with men as well.  However, many of us don’t declare war against them forever.  It’s our belief that there are systems in place that have created an environment where it’s difficult for women to collaborate with one another.

We have been taught to compete with one another from an early age.  Whether it’s for the attention of a male suitor, to be the prettiest, skinniest, smartest, or the chosen one to sit in the coveted seat at the executive table.  It’s too easy and commonplace for women to use one another as stepping stones. Now understand, we are not against competition, as there’s nothing wrong with a healthy competitive spirit.  However, being competitive should not prevent women from supporting one another.

We strongly believe that females are the future, but we can only be the present if we’re bold together.

We can help.

Whatever is stopping you from living the life you deserve-whether it’s lack of resources, knowledge gaps when it comes to moving towards your dreams, broken confidence, no real support system, or how to begin thinking abundantly. The Tribe not only has your back, but we have what you need.

We are determined to help you live boldly.

Inside Tribe Be Bold

During our initial week, we will dedicate time to greet one another, discuss our objectives and aspirations for this journey.

TEMET NOSCE is latin for “Know Thyself”. This is where we turn our attention inward and prioritize healing, self-love, meaningful goals, and alignment.

Our goal is to assist you in creating a personalized process for developing the mindset required to achieve your dreams and successfully navigate what’s next in your life.

We all have different ways of solving problems. During week 5, you’ll discover your own preferred method and gain skills to utilize it effectively.

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will walk you through the process of executing on your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Snag your spot

Join the Tribe with a monthly or annual membership.

Stay the course

Follow our step-by-step success process-we clearly lay out the bold moves you need to make, so you can dig in, show up consistently, and confidently put in that work.

Get your Boldness Together

Navigate what’s next in your life with the support, guidance, and love of the Tribe.  Giving you the extra boost to your confidence, strength, and courage, so you can do a thing called what you want.

We are not for every Woman. But if you are ready for what’s Next in your life.

Then the Tribe is right for you no matter the challenges, issues, work discomfort, or relationship foes, we’re here to help you with the navigation.  However, we realize that NOT every woman is the same, and her trials are different from the next.

Our Failure Fanaticism™ framework focuses on You and allows space to move through our cohort on your own time, as you master the process of being Bold.

The curriculum invites you to understand:

The Failure Fanaticism™ framework and Liberation Now curriculum is all about introducing you to the many options for navigating what’s next in your life.

We’ll show you some of the latest tools for problem-solving, strategies for shifting your mindset, and why it’s important for women to win and be Bold together.

Follow this framework step by step, and you will not only increase your confidence and courage, but you will have the strength and support to follow your dreams and live the life you deserve.

What You get as a member of The Tribe:

What Women value about

The Tribe

“This has been an amazing experience…I echo the words of all the ladies, the support. All the synergy, feedback, and accountability…I love it!”
Andrea Lattimore
CEO & Executive Coach, Bridge Builders
“Thank you, Tribe, for all of your feedback on last evening. I appreciate you all pouring into my life.”
Leith Roberts
CEO, Girl…Fix Your Crown

How do you know if The Tribe is right for you?

We are a diverse, creative, and loving Tribe with women from different perspectives, ages, backgrounds, and professions.

The Tribe is excellent for you if:

If you are dope and believe in the beauty of your dreams. You are eager to grow, and think that Women are the Truth, join us!

Our Promise

When you join The Tribe

You will learn personal and professional development strategies for leveraging your education, expertise, and life experiences, giving you a new outlook on what’s next for your life.

You will be loved on by other brave and bold women- who will hold you up, hold you accountable, and hold space for you as you prepare for navigation.

You will receive tons of options in the way of ideas for approaching your life and begin viewing the world from a new and exciting lens.

You will begin to see your mis-steps as a path to enlightenment and you will eventually become a Failure Fanatic!

You will receive weekly coaching and answers to your burning questions in real-time from our certified creative conduit and other specialists in the industry. 

You will increase your confidence, strength, and courage within the first 30-60 days.

You will receive tons of tips, tricks, tools, and hacks from members of the Tribe to use as a guide to help you live the life you deserve.

And if you want to be bold together (and we hope you do!), you’ll be set on a path that’s inviting, process-oriented, and one that moves you closer to your goal and dreams.

Tribe Enrollment is Now Open Get started…sign up Today!

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