It’s Your Time!

Pursue Your Dreams, Take Control Of Your Legacy.

Liberation Now… is an inspiration devoid of trying. Yet, because the author understands the irrevocable impact of an empowered mind, she does so with intention and without fail. Tamara shares her riveting story of betrayal, abuse, and finally, consciousness in order to pass the baton of victory to audiences across the nation.

5 Steps To Begin Realizing Your Dreams!



Step 1 is the readers’ invitation to pull back the layers to old scars and wounds never dealt with in the name of progress. If we can’t master ourselves, we can’t master anything.



In order to accomplish our goals in life, we must possess a mind-set that looks for the positive in all situations, especially the unfortunate things that happen.



Failure is a part of success and because society has placed a stigma on failing many of us never reach for the stars. This step not only embraces failures, it encourages the reader to welcome failure daily. The more, the better as it equates to learning and in learning we discover options



Nothing worthwhile in life will be easy or simple. In order to live a liberated life resilience is required. The author shares personal anecdotes1on how she and others like Oprah uses resilience to remain relevant.



Many of us have been told and believe that money is our most valuable asset. Wrong! Time is as it’s the one thing we can’t get back once it gone. Time is the real MVP and this step includes strategies for managing it. If we don’t manage our time, our time will manage us.

What People Are Saying

Cady Henderson

”Liberation Now 5 Steps to Begin Realizing Your Dreams is a must read for anyone desiring pure knowledge on how to master yourself and manage your dreams strategically. The reassurance of “intention setting” resonates largely within the passages and the messages being conveyed. One to remember, out of the many catchy adages with the passages – “If it doesn’t get scheduled it doesn’t get done”. A genius example of the technique throughout the book illustrating how to liberate not just you personally but, liberating your whole life. The hustle is sold separately, go get yours! Thanks Tamara, Change Agent of the Time.”

Amazon Customer

”The author used powerful phrases and symbolism with intention. Her understanding of liberation provided me with lot of information very quickly. And most importantly, forced to rethink what Liberation means to me. This book was a surprise and so were the powerful emotional responses it produced after each chapter. I can’t wait for the next book. ”

Nubia H.

“Your story sheds a light of hope for a better mental and emotional place for me.”


~”Your first para made me smile. I still REMAIN SO PROUD of you and all that u stand on and for.”

Jay Hyde

”Quick delivery, excellent book!!! ”

Nikita S.

”Being a woman in today’s society is hard. We’re up against a lot of battles because of our skin color, our intelligence and the way we love. Liberation Now was the blueprint to young women like myself to show us how amazing creatures we are. No matter what the situation is; we fight, and we fight hard. This is a very good read ladies!”

" This session has motivated me, allowing me to look at the positive aspect of being prepared and becoming confident. "

Academic Scholar - CUSP Conference