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In Gratitude

Hello Beautiful, What a month this has been. November came in with a bang and will undoubtedly end with just as much fanfare. And for

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Native Americans Giving

Hello Beautiful, As many prepare for the transition into what some call the happiest time of the year. I, on the other hand, will be

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Entrepreneur Month

As if National Author’s Day and my born day weren’t enough…did you know, President Obama proclaimed that November is National Entrepreneurship Month, a time when “we

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Sweet November

Now that we have acknowledged National Author’s Day. Let’s get to another reason why I love the fall and the sweet month of November. Yesss,

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National Author’s Day

It’s finally here. That time of the year when rejuvenation fills the crisp air. When the birds head south to avoid the cold morning frost

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Stay In Your Lane

In a world where opportunities are plentiful for those willing to contort themselves, we force everything in a 24-hour day.  We are socialized to think the

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LibHERate with


My aim is to share with you the tools. kits, tricks and strategies I've spent thousands of dollars on, the numerous years in college and earning certifications; so you can be delibHERate about your life! The last greatest freedom is the freedom to decide. And today... you have decided to paddle your own canoe.