Success or Room for Improvement?

As a firm believer in leveraging every experience, regardless of its outcome, I find myself reflecting on the recent 3rd annual Financial Freedom Brunch. Held this past Saturday, it marked a significant milestone for my business and the women we serve, but not without its nuances.

The event, aimed at fostering financial literacy and authentic empowerment, fell short of its previous sell-out success. This deviation prompted deep introspection into whether the event could be deemed a success or labeled a failure. Delving into the metrics, engagement levels, marketing efforts, and attendee feedback, the evaluation process began.

A notable change this year was the absence of some sponsorships that had previously helped draw a larger crowd, coupled with an increase in ticket prices due to extended program length. While our outreach and promotional activities were more extensive than ever before, the desired turnout wasn’t achieved.

In seeking insights, I turned to the voices of the women who attended. Their feedback provided valuable perspective: one attendee highlighted how she was surprised that there were “no boring moments”, while another praised the event’s inclusivity and empowerment, a rarity in the Western New York area. Others expressed deep emotional connections and gratitude for the supportive atmosphere.

Ultimately, the consensus among attendees was extremely positive. One of the three women who have attended the brunch every year, noted an appreciation for a more intimate setting and improvements year over year. While others were asking for the date of next year’s event. 

As I navigated my personal feelings and matched them with the feedback and insights from the women. I realized that although the event didn’t sell out like in years past.  The brunch was exactly what it was meant to be! Furthermore, assessments are important for improvements.  However, numbers aren’t the only measure of success.

In Authentic Boldness,


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