3 Reasons Why You Should Jump

1: To Live Your Best Life

Most Americans aren’t living the best lives. We walk around on auto-pilot moving in and out of workspaces that leave us wanting more. Drained at the end of a workweek and desperately wishing for the weekend. Where we self-medicate with the normal celebrations of going to the club or bar to eat greasy food, drink with friends and laugh the pain away. 52.3% of Americans either dislike or hate their jobs.

2: To Follow You Dreams

If you’re not following your own dreams, you’re probably building the dreams of some Republican and his spoiled grandchildren. Who vacation year-round, have parties on yachts and have more cars at the tender age of 25 than most will own in a lifetime. If you welcome the smallest of distractions, it doesn’t matter if it’s an insignificant text you’re most likely not living your best life.

3: Your Purpose

Most importantly, tomorrow is not promised. Life isn’t our own, if we move to the beat of someone’s drum. There has been a massive massacre on the lives of those disenfranchised, students and the poor. How can our jumps have a positive impact on the lives of those around us? How can we protect the innocence and the liberties that are granted to us all via our birthright? Sitting on the sidelines doesn’t help our platforms, communities and country. Everyone is needed as the work is great, but with ALL of us jumping into our purpose it can be done! ~TLM

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