That Feeling

Hey Gurl hey,

You will know it when you feel it.  The feeling will be all over you.  It’s the kind of feeling that you will be unable to shake.  Nothing you try will work, your mind will continuously remind you of it and it will consume you in every way possible.

You may know that feeling?  That feeling you get when it’s time…time to move on!  Some of us try to fight the feeling with everything we have.  We try talking ourselves down from the reality.  Or even worse, you play the charades game of denial.  Hoping and sometimes wishing that the feeling would get off of your back.

Then ultimately there comes a time when you accept the fact that the feeling isn’t going anywhere!  Leaving you curious yet a bit cautious.  As owning the feeling will require you to switch, adjust and or change to eliminate the numbness.  The feeling isn’t a bad thing at all.  We’re the ones that don’t see the feeling for what it’s worth.  The feeling is there to force us to follow our dreams.  It’s there as a platform to free us from not walking into our destiny.

You see the feeling represents what’s next in our lives.  It’s like our internal clock or intuition.  That feeling is our gage, a way to discern whether we are maximizing our talents and fulfilling our mission in life.  Many of us do our very best to ignore the feeling, even as we fight the tears back.  As going to work is limiting, it’s a place of confinement rather than growth.  

Are you constantly nagged by that feeling of writing a book, starting a business or standing up for yourself or asking for more money during your annual review?

It doesn’t matter what your personal feeling represents.  The only thing that does matter, is that you embrace the feeling.  Respect the feeling for what it is and most importantly what it has to offer you.    

In Love and libHERation,


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