Preparing for Success in the New Year

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I hope you had a Merry Christmas with family and friends.  But if the 25th of December isn’t your thing, I hope the day was filled with peace and relaxation.  And now we prepare for the beginning of the New Year, which is only four days away.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the type to make a resolution or not, there are a few things you should consider for making the New Year a success.

Below, I have listed 7 things that successful people do to prepare for a New Year. Use the suggestions as a guide to create more opportunities and embrace change for a more abundant year. 

  1. Stop Caring About What Others Think

If there’s one thing successful people are great at, it’s filtering out the naysayers. Caring too much about what others think hinders your progress and holds you back from trying new things. Steve Siebold, author of “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class” and “How Rich People Think,” said one key to success is to stop caring about how others judge your goals.

“Psychologists call it ‘approval addiction,’ and once you overcome it to any significant degree, you are free of the psychological chains that bind most people from ever experiencing world-class success,” he said.

  1. Master a New Skill

Mastering a new skill can fuel creativity and inspire you in other areas of your life. By remaining perpetual students, successful people open themselves up to ideas for serious innovation and opportunity.

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and co-founder of Facebook, resolved to learn Chinese, run a mile a day and read a new book every other week. He even coded an AI assistant for his home.

  1. Create a Work-Life Balance

Even though successful people tend to have more responsibilities, they know it’s important to put down the phone every so often. Bill Gates and other top CEOs are known to take “think weeks,” where they disconnect from the bustle of everyday work life to relax and think about the future.

  1. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Successful people know it’s not shedding pounds but managing your health that’s the most important. Rather than focusing on losing weight, make a lifestyle change like resolving to eat something healthy every day. Or, if your gym routine has dried up, try new exercises to pique your interest.

  1. Create Your 2022 ‘Sinking Funds’

“Your sinking funds are automatic savings accounts that are building for something you know you’re going to spend money on this year,” said Chris Peach, founder of Money Peach. “What will you spend on Christmas next year, what will you need for your vacation this summer, or how much will you have to save up for your sister’s wedding across the country in November?

  1. Find a Mentor or Accountability Partner

One of the best things you can do to advance any area of your life that you care about and are dedicated to improving is to find a mentor. Whether your goal is to lose weight, grow your business, or strengthen your relationship, start by looking for people who have achieved what you would like to.

  1. Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything you have. This can make you happier and more confident in your relationship with the abundance of the world, helping you manifest what you desire more easily.

No matter how you decide to prepare for the New Year, know that nothing will change unless you change!

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