Sending Love

Hello beautiful,

As we prepare to move into the New Year, I am constantly reminded of my blessings, which include each one of you. So, in what ways can I share with you how much you are appreciated?

Well, I decided a poem would be a dynamic way to send you all light, laughter, and love.

New Day

Give us all a New Day

Give us all a Holiday

Give us all a brighter dawn

So, when the Sun pierces our curtains

That what which we were uncertain

Are consigned to our past

Like ghosts and ashes

So, give us all a New Day

And let the sunshine

Into every room

Where the clouds of doom

Are decorations and affirmations

That the Storm is clearing

And the Sky has no ceiling

For all we are feeling

Is Love and Rocket’s

Set for the Sun

Come On

Come on

And all become 1

Who fear none

As Love’s great reward

Is nothing more than that

Love itself

Enjoy the gift

And give the World

A well-deserved Lift

by Christopher Flaherty

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