These Boots are Made for Walkin

Hello Beautiful,

I remember hearing about a song titled “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” in my early twenties.  Which was about twenty years after the number one hit was recorded by Nancy Sinatra.  The title was very provocative especially for that time.  Many people had their own interpretation concerning what the song represented.  Some thought it represented women breaking free from the standard stereotypes attached to women in the 60’s.  Others felt as though it was too racy and controversial seeing a woman in a sexy short outfit wearing high boots.  While on the other hand, some embraced the strength and freedom associated with the song.

Whatever, the interpretation…the title was and still is powerful!  So, how many of us ask the question…how am I walking?  Are you walking with pride, determination and a sense of purpose?  Does your walk match your talk?  Or are they not even connected to one another?  This has become significant for MEE as my walk in life is being watched more closely than I could have ever imaged.  I was approached by one of my students.  She indicated the need to speak with me about an event.  This was nothing unusual, as I’ve had many students run their ideas by me for a plethora of reasons.

Well, I soon learned there was nothing ordinary about this programming meeting.  During the conversation, the female student asked me to speak at their awards banquet.  Okay, nothing too shocking about her request.  However, what she shared next almost broke MEE down to my knees.  She indicated that the ALL female student organization would give awards to other female students on campus. Additionally, they wanted to name their annual award after MEE.  Image that!  Nothing could have prepared me for that overwhelming feeling of known responsibility.  Then to add more pressure, they wanted me to select the recipient.  

The beauty and the enormity of the honor was intoxicating yet sobering all at the same time.  How could I go about selecting someone who represented my walk in the eyes of these brave, brilliant and beautiful college women?  Dare I ask how they see me and my walk to aid in the task?  So, I asked the question and what I received was phenomenal and humbling.  The list read the following:  Driven, Approachable, Well-Spoken, Humble, Kind, Caring and Empowering to name a few.

This showed and taught me one of the most important lessons thus far.  It highlighted that we never know who is watching our walk in life.  So, as you continue to grow, connect and develop in whatever area of professionalism, be aware that there is someone watching your walk.  It’s a fulfilling thought to know that I am walking a life worth mentioning and most importantly, I am depositing into the lives of young educated women. 

In Love and libHERation,


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