Providing Women with tools to Narrate HER Story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold Story inside You.”

~Maya Angelou

So Why Do We Do It?

With these statistics there’s no wonder we operate from a space of Lack, Limitation and Scarcity. Fortunately, there are critical skills and tools that offer a platform for us all to live a liberated lifestyle. During the creative problem solving process we work on elevation, imagination and innovation as the foundation for living abundantly, to craft the life you want while cementing your legacy. Want to take action? Make a decision and make it right. Partner with MEE to uncover ways for you to get unstuck. Put simply, we want to inspire you to realize your potential. Take ownership of your life and ignite your motivation, so you can live the life you deserve.

Liberation Now! : "5 Steps To Begin Realizing Your Dreams"

Pursue Your Dreams, Take Control of Your Legacy.

A feminist, leadership enthusiast, and creative problem-solving consultant, the author takes the reader on a heartfelt journey of self-awareness, love, and personal freedom. Powerful, funny, and as sincere as they come, this book reminds us all that we’re in control of our legacy.

Meet Tamara L. McMillan

Award Winning Lecturer, Speaker And Coach

Tamara L. McMillan is an author and an award-winning Lecturer who teaches four courses; one in the nature and nurture of Creativity and Disruptive Change Leadership, Creative Approaches to Problem Solving

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My aim is to share with you the tools. kits, tricks and strategies I've spent thousands of dollars on, the numerous years in college and earning certifications; so you can be delibHERate about your life! The last greatest freedom is the freedom to decide. And today... you have decided to paddle your own canoe.