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Mrs. Kearney was her name. She stood less than 5 feet tall, but was one of the most powerful teachers at school 80.

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” It’s a 21st century women’s movement that gives us all the power to feel like a queen. “

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What’s In A Name?

So, after my last blog I had a good friend call and asked. Why did your mother name you Tamara? Instantly, a huge smile came before me.

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Private Victory

Webster’s dictionary has several definitions for the word private. However, the definition “personal and not publicly expressed” resonates with me.

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Will What You Want!

In this day and age of the Female…there are finally many companies and organizations that are embracing the power of Women and Girls!

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LibHERate with


My aim is to share with you the tools. kits, tricks and strategies I've spent thousands of dollars on, the numerous years in college and earning certifications; so you can be delibHERate about your life! The last greatest freedom is the freedom to decide. And today... you have decided to paddle your own canoe.