National Author’s Day

It’s finally here. That time of the year when rejuvenation fills the crisp air. When the birds head south to avoid the cold morning frost and the sun sets upon us earlier in the day. The animals begin gathering their feast as they prepare for a winter’s slumber. All while we begin moving into the fall festivities, family traditions, and my favorite season. YESSSS, fall is here, and I could not be more elated.

Fall has been my favorite season for many reasons. When else can you rock those amazing leather jackets with the cute ankle booties? Or your ripped-up jeans, perfectly matched with a fitted black turtleneck and suede thigh-highs. Then there is author’s day, where we celebrate all those who put pen to paper, as they decided to narrate their stories for us to enjoy in bed, on the couch, on the train, or in front of a roaring fireplace.

For those new to this national holiday, here are a few facts about National Author’s Day:

  • Nellie Verne Burt, in 1928, served as the president of the Illinois Women’s club. 
  • After reading a book by Irving Bacheller, she sent him a note expressing her love for his book.  
  • As a thank you to her, Bacheller sent Nellie a signed copy of one of his other books.
  • Moved by his kind gesture, she wanted a way to honor him and other authors for their craft.
  • Nellie came up with the idea to recognize American authors and presented an idea to the Generation Federation of Women’s Clubs and in May 1929, the club approved and issued an endorsement to celebrate American Authors on National Author’s Day
  • Then in 1949, 20 years later the US Department of Commerce acknowledged National Author’s Day and the holiday has been celebrated across the country every year since

So, in honor of your untold story, and National Author’s Day, consider this your invitation to pick-up that unfinished manuscript and get it done.  To assist you, here is a FREE PDF on the 5 Steps to Self-Publishing.  As there might be a fan, like Nellie Verne Burt waiting to thank you for sharing your story.  

Cheers to falling in love with Fall.

In love and libHERation,


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