Stay In Your Lane

In a world where opportunities are plentiful for those willing to contort themselves, we force everything in a 24-hour day. 

We are socialized to think the grass is greener and more vibrate on the other side of the street. Leaving many of us feeling like we should be doing more and known for more. As we sheepishly graze on the full platter in front of us.  As if there is some elusive “thing” that needs our undivided attention at that very moment.    

However, I have grown to know and appreciate staying in my lane and mastering the knowledge, skills, and talents given to MEE.  When we try to operate outside of our zone of brilliance, we risk negatively impacting our authenticity. Just think, engaging in a territory that’s not in our sphere of influence could be detrimental. How many times have we witnessed individuals volunteering for a job that is out of their league? Or punching beyond their reach? For the sake of saying they were involved, connected, and included. The jack of all trades but the master of nothing.

The opposite of Steve Jobs. His passion, enthusiasm, and commitment for doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well were intoxicating. He understood that Apple represented more than just computer products and fancy electronics like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac book.  He was adamant about Apple being an extension of life.  Steve challenged his employees to see Apple and their contributions as brilliant works of art to share with the world!         

Does your passion lie in creating a clothing line for the four-legged or empowering young people on the importance of finding their voices? Maybe, your calling is to educate parents on the many ways to advocate for their children.  Whatever it is, know which lane is yours and Own It! 

There will always be other lanes with new, fun, and shiny things to contemplate. When you understand the value; you bring to the world, worrying about the possibility of your lane being minimized or even forgotten is an afterthought.  Think of Beyoncé and how she has mastHERfully created a brand of her own.  Many have said she has that “it factor.” Would we catch her outside of her lane? Probably not!  She understands where her strengths lie and remain true to herself by staying in her lane. However, she has become so prolific in her artistry, her lane now looks more like a highway.  Where she dominates with command and excellence.  Beyonce or not. 
The take-a-way; hone your skills and share them with the world in ways that are seamless and authentic to you.Owning our lane requires that we stay focused! Which affords us the freedom, space, and consciousness to make each day one of excellence and excitement. So, the next time your friend, colleague, or sister shares that she is starting something new, again. Smile, clap and congratulate her as you stay in your lane. As your truth and authenticity are critical.

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