Pick your Struggle

Even with sores, calluses, and bloody cuts on the bottom of her feet, she still stands in truth, solidarity, and pain for something bigger than HERself. She rises, upon the day, every morning. With the agony of defeat on HER face. Hurt in her heart, sadness in her eyes, and anger in all parts of her body.  She desperately wants a way out, a place that will rid her of the discomfort she’s been carrying for weeks, months, and sometimes years.

Yet, for most, our ideal career, beautiful body, financial security, and loving relationships still escapes us. I vividly recall sitting in these spaces, at one time or another in my life. Then, upon reading more, exploring myself and experiencing life unafraid. It became evident that perhaps, I wasn’t asking myself the right questions. Like many in corporate America, I wanted that corner office with the big picture window. Or at least I thought I did. Some of us might want to be known for our service to all mankind, teaching ability, or is it that chiseled body and a life partner they enjoy every minute of the day with and the best sex ever! Yes Ma’am.   

But maybe the success of these traditional aspirations is in reframing how we approach life? We don’t grow up proclaiming mediocrity, scarcity, or lack in life. Yet, we are socialized to want the finer things in life, no matter how we define them. We want fulfilling careers, the ability to live in the house of our dreams with a handsome piece of eye candy, all while maintaining the physique of a Black Goddess.    

But many of us never stop to think or even ask the question. What do I want, truly? What struggle(s) must I sustain to experience these successes in life? Are we willing to suffer through daily workout sessions to reclaim that body from our high school days? What about the number of hours needed to complete that manuscript we have been writing for the last three years? Dare I mention, finally deciding to pull the ripe cord and leaving that dead-end job and starting that business venture?      

Happiness and fulfillment come from solving our problems. However, having the right mindset and tools to assist us in solving these problems in life is critical. The process of deferring judgment and being open to the unusual leads to the doors of possibility. And in these possibilities, we find options that are unique to us. As the person should not be separated from the process. Self-awareness is a fundamental link to the becoming process. So, go ahead and pick that struggle, for this might be the path to winning in life, love, and leaving a legacy? 

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