Will What You Want!

Hello Beautiful,

Today belongs to the Female, and some companies and organizations are finally embracing the power of HER!  Specific companies like Always, Dove, and Under Armour have put their money where their mouths are. With the explosion of empowering marketing campaigns, commercials, and billboards that highlight the value and strength of females around the world.

They range from asking what seems to be a silly question like “show me what it looks like to run like a Girl?”  Then the commercial shows different girls of different ages from different economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds demonstrating how girls are perceived when running. 

It is not until the end of the commercial that the girls realize the question was a trick question. How many times have we heard the statement stop crying like a little girl? As if there is an issue with showing this kind of emotion. A former athlete and mother of a daughter who played Division I basketball and an advocate for Girl Power.  I preach run, fight and stand like a girl to show the world just how dynamic you are!

In 2017, Under Armour hit the nail on the head with its radical campaign in response to the global conversation about gender inequity. Their commercial paid homage to Misty Copeland, a black ballerina who received many rejection letters from dance schools indicating she was too old to study dance at the tender age of 13 and that she had the wrong body type.  However, Misty refused to allow the small thinking of others to keep her from her dreams. She is one of only two black ballerinas to ever dance for a prestigious Ballet Company. 

Ms. Copeland danced in Australia as the lead in Swan Lake, cementing HER place in history.  Then upon returning to the States, she danced in the infamous Nut Cracker during the holidays. Based on these accomplishments and others, I would say Misty has willed what she wanted.

Now, think of it? How many times have you acquiesced or allowed someone to determine your worth? I own a t-shirt that has “Well behaved women rarely make history” quoted by Angela Davis. Wearing this t-shirt requires confidence, compassion, and unwavering courage. 

As a female, what is your badge of honor? How are you showing the world your will? What is it that you want? Are you doing what you love? If not, now is the time. Create a plan, devise a team of supportHERs, or bring on an accountability partner. If it’s something you are passionate about. If you believe you were placed here to fulfill this want and your conviction is through the roof.  Then, you must “will what you want!”

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