Private Victory

Hello Beautiful,

Webster’s dictionary has several definitions for the word private.  However, the definition “personal and not publicly expressed” resonates with me.  I remember growing up with my two sisters as we were raised by our mother.  She would often say “you can always tell a class act when you see one, as she doesn’t need to wear her accomplishments on her sleeve.” It wasn’t until I became older that her comment made sense.

In our instant gratification society, it’s all about me, I want it now and what have you done for me lately, everything seems to be open for public display and discussion.  Especially with all the boredom due to the pandemic and working from home. We’re posting videos of sacred moments like giving birth, sharing pictures of loved ones before being laid to rest, keeping the public up to date on every move we’ve just made.  There are social media sites that allow us to inform our followers when we’ve received a promotion, changed jobs and even updated our profile picture.

However, I want us to think about those special things that should be private and not shared on any public platform.  It’s my belief that we must first conquer our private victories before sharing ourselves publicly.  Winning the private victory allows us the space and time to figure us out.  Create our plan of attack; determine where we’re going, when and which vehicles we will use to get there.

When the private victory is omitted, we are automatically thrusted into the public realm without any barriers and or boundaries.  Leaving us off balanced in many aspects of our lives.  Then most times it is difficult to discern which things should remain sacred and which things should be public.

So, as you move closer and closer to your greatness realize that everything in your life isn’t and shouldn’t be an open book.  Save some victories for yourself as it will allow you to take in certain moments over a hot cup of tea, a smooth glass of wine or just while sitting in the comforts of your backyard.  

The private victory is your walk and your walk alone!  It’s all of your experiences married together for the benefit of appreciating life and its splendor.  Think of a time when you privately made a decision to make a change.  It could have been deciding to live a healthier lifestyle, committing to a saving plans or starting that business.  Maturity allows us to savors private victories by storing them away for a rainy day.  As some victories are better left private.  

In Love and libHERation,


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