Hello Queen!

It is evident that celebrating women only during the month of March isn’t enough as there is no way anyone or anything can capture all the wonderful, life changing and impactful things done by women in just one month. I find great pleasure in seeing and experiencing women uphold the crowns of their sister-friends. I would refer to this phenomenon as an awakening of sorts. It’s a 21st century women’s movement that gives us all the power to feel like a queen.

The word “queendom” has taken on a new light and has flooded multiple platforms such as discussion salons, interviews, social media, books, and articles. There’s a very diverse cross section of women—young as well as seasoned and professional—who represent this new perspective in a woman’s life. This moves us past the traditional ideas of who can be a queen.

When one thinks of a queen, most people instantly think of women like Queen Elizabeth. The royal family is always at the center of attention, if for nothing else than their elite status in society. Now, we can play witness to women from all walks of life speaking their queendoms into existence. There are many women-owned businesses that have logos of a crown that represents their royal elegance. There are young college females rocking t-shirts that declare their current state of mind. There are also a large number of Instagram handles and posts that contain a version of the word.

With this, in the spirit of women and paying homage to all the brave and dynamic women who came before us, the title is fitting. I remember watching an interview Jill Scott gave right before taking the stage at a concert. At this point she was sort of new in the Neo-Soul space and was performing after Erykah Badu. A male interviewer asked her if she was nervous because she was going on after Erykah. Jill gave a cute chuckle and replied sweetly, “Have you ever seen me perform?” However, it was her next further and most eloquent continuation that rocked me and the reporter to sleep.

Jill expounded, “We all have own our thing, that’s the magic. Everyone comes with their own sense of strength and their own Queendom. Mine can never be compared to hers and hers can never compare to mine.” It was clear that she understood that she and Erykah weren’t in competition with one another as they both bring their own charisma to the stage and that’s what makes them both equally powerful. Talk about a brilliant way to not allow anyone to compare her with another woman. She is an individual that’s just as talented, beautiful, and successful as woman and does not feel the need to minimize either of their strengths.

Just think if all women exercised their freedom and voice and had the audacity to polish the crowns of the females around them. This would offer a space for all little girls to grow up feeling not only empowered but also secure in their own shoes, sneakers, or boots. The conversation about competition would be nonexistent and we would spend more time on collaborating and supporting one another.

Imagine it … a room full of women no matter where you are, there to clap for you in truth, solidarity and sisterhood. I say let all the queendoms flourish in their very different, odd, peculiar and majestic ways.

The truth of the matter is … as women we should use our positions to catapult, pull, and offer opportunities for one another. It’s time for us to rise up, stand tall, and unite to inspire as we lock arms after affixing our crowns.

Regardless of how you see and or define queendom, it’s important to know that one has been reserved just for you! Wear it with pride and respect, and demonstrate to other women watching that there’s space for everyone to thrive. We are all strong, confident, and more fearless than we could ever imagine.


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